Monday, February 14, 2011

Altered shoes or how to use your cropodile in "domestic situations"

I have bought a pair of shoes in Penney, they weren't expensive, I should say the were very cheap. But I liked them and I decided to bux them, cos i saw the crafty potential in them.

I don't buy these type of shoes, cos I can't wear them, they would stay on my feet, and there is a fair chance that I loose them when walking. But as I said earlier I saw the potential in them. So I took the following things from my craft corner and VOILA!!

I punched some holes on the side of the shoes, set the eyelets  and pulled the "ribbon" through and ended up with a pair of great shoes. I tried them yesterday and no feel of loosing them at all.

It was a happy weekend. Thanks for stopping by,
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