Monday, November 29, 2010

The ONE who kept me busy

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was busy in the last few weeks, because I got a cat. I adopted Mitzee (originally Benny) from Dublin SPCA two weeks ago. Mitzee is a little boy, approx 20 weeks old. Very cute and hyper, love everything with a bell on it, therefore he loved the Christmas mini I made (check out tomorrow). He loves to sleep on the sofa and also loves to scrach it. The funny thing is that we wanted a little female cat and Mitzee is a boy, but when I saw him in his pod I knew he was going to come home with me.
Here are some pictures:

He is so funny, goes into every box and corner and  he loves to play. I am very happy that we got him, since I wanted to have a cat for a year now, since my other can went missing. I miss her still, but I wanted to have a cat company, cos they are so adorable.

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